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Plans and Progress #1

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Welcome to the first part of what hopefully will be a look on a week-to-week overview of my development life!
Here for you to see my mistakes, so you don't have to make the same ;) (unless you want to, have fun!)

The next week is the week where I finish off a simple "engine" of sorts, so I can start doing some rapid game devs, making simple little games for experience, and fun. If I actually sat down, focused, and did it, I'd be done it in about a day, or two... so yeah...I need a week.
Next month, and the months following, I'll try to make a game a month, using this engine.

What's my focus in all this? Learning. Exploring. Fun.
Now, why did I make my own engine? Why not grab Unity, Unreal, ? Learning. Exploring. Fun! That and a bit of pride too.
Do I suggest you to make your own engine? I would suggest against it, unless you're a pretty good programmer, and want the headache/want to learn. If you're new, but want to learn, find an open source engine, rip it apart, look at the code, try to understand why they did what they did.

*looks at code, twiddle thumbs*
Well...I coded, not much mind you, it's enough to get stuff on screen and working; I'm just re-immersing myself to OpenGL's API again; But everything not OpenGL related is pretty much programmed in right now. So that's nice.
I was also doing a ton of research (read: watching youtube) about coding, and game design in general.

Later on, I'll be showing screenshot progresses as well, but...a screenshot of code/empty screen isn't that interesting :P

Any suggestions, comments or what nots, are welcomed!

Have fun and happy coding!

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