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KREEP, change of plans.

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Hi there!

Woke up on the 28th of December, checked my mailbox and gazed over a mail with the following subject:
Congratulations, Operation KREEP has been Greenlit!
I was shocked, checked the mail in a hurry, than the greenlight page of KREEP, crossing my fingers and hoping, that it is not a joke or a fake mail biggrin.png .

I have to tell you, I did not expect this at all. I believed, that the game is going to be stuck on greenlight, since it was a really simple game, with a niche target audience and humble results so far. I already moved on to starting the design phase of my next project and preparing technology for having a smoother development process for my upcoming games.

After 133 days on greenlight:

I'm super happy now smile.png!!!

As I've mentioned before, I knew it is not a big thing nowadays getting a game on steam, but still, it is like a dream come true. I learned a lot while creating this game, and actually putting the game onto steam will be even more useful from that point of view (both from a technical and a creator perspective).

Hence the name of this entry. I decided, that I'm going to sit back to the "KREEP drawing board" for a little while, and I'm going to make an update for the game, besides the steam integration, to further polish it and fill it with some extra content. I feel like I really have to make the most of it, especially now, since I'm really grateful for all the votes, and for everyone who already bought the game!

I'm still sorting out what I'm going to update and for how long it is going to take. I don't want to spend too much time on it though to not fall into feature-kreep (pun intended tongue.png), so I'm going to draw a line the same way as I did at the beginning of the project. I'm thinking of two months now. That should be enough to add some juice to Operation KREEP.
As a side note, I'm going to post the "part 2" entry for the testing topic I've started last week soon. The implementation is refined, fine-tuned and battle-tested, but I need a couple of days to complete my writing about it. Christmas, family, friends and XCOM kept me busy in the last couple of days smile.png, sry.

I'll keep you updated on the state of the game.
Thanks again everyone, and I wish you a happy new year!

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Congrats! :D


Make sure to add some Steam Achievements. People love them for some reason (I've read about people even refusing to play games without them, go figure)


Anyway, congrats again :D

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Thanks AFS!

Yep, Steam Achievements are cool. They are #1 priority on my list of planned features ;)...

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Congratulations sir. I'm happy Kreep made it. :)


People also love Trading cards for some reason. Be sure to add them too.

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Congrats! biggrin.png


Make sure to add some Steam Achievements. People love them for some reason (I've read about people even refusing to play games without them, go figure)


Anyway, congrats again biggrin.png

It's strange right? I guess it's part of the steam... metagame! 

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