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Minority 7 - WebGL Isometric Roundbased Game

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Hi all,

i just picked up again the work on my homage to the old xcom games.
I just started to put the 3d models together and use them in my self written webgl engine.
Its impressive how fast you can make progress in java-script.

Still i need a good 3d low poly style modeler to make it really look nice, but in the meantime i am making
good progress in game dev.

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The underwater scene is so rad! Good luck finding a good editor for 3d models. Is the sea monster holding an alien gun? 

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hi there,


thanx for feedback !
yes he is holding a alien gun .. its not propper textured jet ..

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löl ... yess those images don´t look isometric ... as i just made some character tests in blender..

will be like this


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