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The yearly update!

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[font=arial]Be warned, this might not be your ordinary game development post.[/font]

[font=arial]The New Year has just settled in so I thought I would keep my record straight and at least post one journal update per year. Real life has begun to catch up on me and my game development time has almost shivered up and died. This might sound like a very depressing post but it is not, and all for the good reasons![/font]

[font=arial]You might ask how this came to pass. Well, first me and my girlfriend got a baby girl about a year ago =) and then I landed a new job which involves non-game programming. My old job offered lots of free time during weekdays - this was ideal for game development at home. Now I work 8-17 Monday through Friday so I'm only free on the weekends. This works excellent for my family, not so great for my own game development project(s).[/font]

[font=arial]How much time is left for game development then? Well, right now I'm on paternity leave until April. So when the kid is asleep I can get some alone time, this is around 3-6 hours per day at most. During this time I also need to fit in other things such as cleaning, bills, write journal entries etc.[/font]

However, I have not quit on Medieval Story and I have been at it for quite a while. My isometric game is coming together bit by bit. I had imagined beforehand that this game would be a huge undertaking for a single developer... nonetheless I had hoped to be done by now. My problem is that I haven't laid out the game's story properly so the game just keeps growing and new areas are created when needed. I need to call it done some time and that is a difficult thing to do. I am not much of a storywriter which this sort of game kind of requires. Well anyway, to end this post I thought people might be interested in some screens of the current state of the game. Not much have changed graphics wise.

screenshot Thu Jan 07 23 37 36 2016.png

You can now kill wolves!

screenshot Thu Jan 07 23 36 25 2016.png

Some graphics showing the inside of building.

screenshot Thu Jan 07 23 36 02 2016.png

[font=arial]Conversation with an NPC.[/font]

screenshot Thu Jan 07 23 35 25 2016.png

You can't ride horses in this game - but they exist!

screenshot Thu Jan 07 23 35 08 2016.png

The outside of a fort.

screenshot Thu Jan 07 23 34 22 2016.png

[font=arial]Pug the mastermind.[/font]

That is all for this time, thanks for reading!

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