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Okay, so its been a while...

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Okay, so I fell off the coding wagon, and found it a bit intimidating to jump back to the big TBS game. I decided I'd ease myself into it by playing around with a quickie simple game, and learn more about the process of putting it up on an app store. (Of various flavors, I might try the Win 10 store first, I dunno)

Anyway, so without further ado, here's the prototype of RollingSwipe

Firefox/WebGL link. EDIT: Also works in Edge, whaddya now, though I didn't see any UI.

Old school webplayer, best with IE: Link

A quick how to play, since I haven't put that in there yet:
Goal is to get the tire into the center of the vortex, you can do that by swiping to create ramps for it.

The coins give both score and time. When time runs out it's game over. Falling off the world respawns you at the beginning, but otherwise is no penalty.

PS. Slightly annoyed that Unity can't manage to make a WebGL exporter that works on anything other than FireFox. But then again my project might be screwed up somehow? I noticed early that I was getting a bunch of crashes outside the editor because none of my UI canvas elements had a default material. Not sure if that's something to do with setting myself up as a 2d project or what.

TODOs: Need sounds, some fancier graphics, some animated text increases, some better coin pickups, and more obstacle types.

I'm pretty happy with my GameObject pooler, I started out looking at a free one online, quickly realized it was terrible, and completely rewrote it. But it's nice in that beyond the start, there are no game objects being instantiated (unless starting pool sizes are exceeded), and everything is being recycled.

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Yeah, I complained about it back when Chrome yanked it.  I'm just very disappointed that they've left this large gap, where I either have to tell people to use FireFox or the deprecated Internet Explorer.  They really need to get their WebGL exporter working on all the major browsers, not just one.


PS.  If anyone has a touchscreen monitor, let me know if the touch works.  I'm going to try making a phone build here pretty soon.

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Also two other big pet peeves:

1.  Triggers in 2d land ignore physics layers.  WTF?  That's like the cheap, easy way to avoid overchecking collisions, now I have to put checks in the trigger code to ignore stuff from layers I don't want it to intersect.


2.  Unity's 2d physics and triggers are so awful, to get a trigger to fire reliably, I've had to put code in both OnEnter and OnStay.  The engine seems to constantly miss OnEnter calls, and goes straight to OnStay.  Granted I haven't mucked with solver iteration counts or the physics timestep, but my point is, I shouldn't have to!  The Defaults should be good, or they shouldn't be defaults.  I'm not even moving that fast.

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