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Going Mobile

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Oh, updated the webgl one, that link is here: Seems to work in Chrome now, yay. But oddly, it errored for me in FireFox at first.

So lets see, since last time, I have:

Added a local scoreboard
Added some extra obstacle types
tweaked some physics
drastically reduced the time to remove a swiped brick that is touching the player, color them based on the time left, and have it fall instead of just disappear.
Added a cheesy spark effect. (not sure what I'll do with that one yet)
Added a +X to show the amount of score/time that is received from a coin. (it combos, +1 for the first +2 for the second, +3 and so on)

And I've built a win10 version, and tried it out on my win 10 phones. So far, so good. Though the high DPI on the Lumia made realize that I needed to tweak my Canvas settings, as all my text shrank down to really squinty levels. I was happy with the performance, super smooth on the Lumia 950, though that thing is a rather beefy phone, so I would have been disappointed if it ran poorly. I need to test on an android, I'm downloading the SDK right now, and we'll see how it does on my less high powered slate.

I want to look into doing Unity Ads. I'm thinking of a scheme where the player gets an additional 15 seconds to their timer if they watch a 15 second video. Which they can do once per game attempt. It was either that or something like let them unlock another player sprite, with different physics properties, but then I have to add a bunch of things to unlock. I'm a little bummed that Unity Ads aren't supported on Win 10 though. I may have to look into doing Banner Ads or something with the UWP SDK stuff

I also want to do a server side high score -- I started looking into it, but all the various editors I found for creating an SQL table crashed on install...not sure what that's about, I know my machine is a little wonky, so I may have to do something drastic like upgrade to win 10.

And I should do a tutorial like level, something with some text explaining swiping to create, and some text about coins.

I also really need to look into finding an artist or paying for some assets, or going the glowy route.

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