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January update: large creatures, polishing and preparing a closed test

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Welcome to the January update.
The focus of the last two month was the transition of the game from a developer version to something you should give someone for testing. That is polishing the art, the interface, play testing, tweaking the game mechanism, finishing all the incomplete stuff like guides, descriptions, animations, missing items and a lot of balancing.
But I'm really satisfied so far. I'm able to beat the level in half an hour, knowing exactly what to do. Others needed one to two hours, which should be a good play time for a standard level. Thought, there is still enough to do, the game level is in a good shape and I think about doing a closed test next month.
Besides all the game testing and balancing I have finally added large creatures to the game, a garrison game mechanism, guard towers and more minions. There are currently around 10 kind of minions, mostly gnoblins. And eventually I added some new nasty creatures with some surprising special abilities.
Here's a screenshot of a thriving dungeon.

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Where do we sign up for the beta testing? I've been eagerly following your project (and progress) for years. Glad to see you are finally stabilizing the game.

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I will announce it here on this developer journal. I will need just a few people playing the game for 1-2 hours and giving me some feedback. Currently I'm working on some technically issues and plan to start this small test session in one or two weeks :D

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