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Small Update - Health UI

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Just a small update today. Got in ~30 minutes last night. Health UI is working.

Motorbike tonight.

Also, I might regret this, but I was thinking about posting all of the code for this game and letting everyone pick it apart. See what you all think is terrible and could be improved.

Maybe I'll do that tonight before I start development again.

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Go for it, though you'll find the more code you post, the less people are likely to pour over the whole thing, so you're probably better off posting targeted bits that you'd like reviewed.  And think of it more as a learning experience, and its good to be able to both provide and take feedback.  At my work, we code review all check-ins.

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I kinda doubt anyone will really help.. especially if you just post a github link.. but if you post some interesting code snippets here, you might get some decent comments.

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That might be a better idea. Most of the code functions as I want. There's some restructuring and cleaning up that I know I should do anyway, so I might do all of that before I bother posting any code. 


But it seems to make sense to just post code related to the areas I'm having issues, or that have more complicated logic/calculations.



...At my work, we code review all check-ins.



Do you work professionally in game development? If so, is it with a big company, or a smaller one? How do you find it?

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