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Vacations, intro level and gameplay video

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I'm on vacation from my work, I come back in March, so that means that instead of working on my actual job, now I work on this damn thing. Yay for vacations!

Don't get me wrong, I actually like working on this, but I'm thinking that I should use this free time to properly rest instead of keep working, it's just not healthy. I have some savings, so I'm thinking of exploring the south of my country and dissapear for three weeks, that would be nice.

Personal stuff aside, I have made some progress during these last two weeks, mostly small tweakings.

I made a short intro level. Initially the game started with a looooooooong cutscene (2 minutes long or so) before the first mission starts, and personally I hate when games do that, I always want to feel the gameplay first before getting invested into the story. So I added a short intro level, so as soon as you start the game you start shooting and get the feel of it. Afterwards the cutscene plays at normal, although I still think that it's too long, so I fear that people will just ignore it. That's fine, though, I prefer to let people skip a cutscene by pressing a button instead of forcing them to watch it even if they are not interested.

Just for giggles, if you skip the cutscene, one of the characters comments about it at the start of the following mission, not to annoy the player or anything, but just to let it know that the characters are aware. It's a game within a game, after all.

I made a video as well, although the quality is kinda bad, I'm just not used to compressing video, choosing the right codec and all that jazz.

Sounds effects are just random free sounds that I have found; I'll admit that some of them are kind of annoying, so I need to work on that. Also, the music is not made by me, but I would like to learn to make music of that style, I think it fits and makes sense within the game (one kid plays a toy synthesizer to make the music while the other is playing the paper game).

Anyway, I'm taking a break. South of the country, here I go (hopefully).

Thanks for reading!

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I don't see what AFS is complaining about. I went full screen and it looked great on my computer too. I'm starting to get the feeling he's like a skinny girl complaining about how fat she is. smile.png

I love the discolored tape. I didn't notice that last time. The game is looking great.

Have fun on your break!

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The recorded video looks fine on my computer after compression, but when I upload it to Youtube the quality drops A LOT. It reminds me of when you save an image as an JPEG.


Anyway, thanks y'all :)

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