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Toy on a Mission UE4 Remix - Day 85

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Hello everyone.

First journal entry about the UE4 Remix of "Toy on a Mission" from the "Weak Of Awesome II"

85 days after project start.
It is very similar to the original, There have been some improvements.

Taking Uncle Eck's Advice: I have been kinda lazy, I have missed two deadlines( features implemented, Levels built, testing ).
I was supposed to have a build with:

  • Checkpoints/Saves
  • Some puzzle elements
  • Surfaces the player sticks to like velcro/magnet
  • Cleaned up art assets.

    Got the basics more or less sorted out.
    It is (mostly) the same as from the WoAIII, But better (Movement, Level design).

    Player movement:
    [indent=1]You roll around with force and torque applied, So you have more responsive movement and is visually more pleasant.

[indent=1]You can jump off any surface, Drop from in mid-air (I need some kind of explenation for this dry.png as it is not "normal" )

[indent=1]You can engage a Turbo mode that currently doubles your move speed, Along with an "air-brake" that slows lateral movement to help you jump onto narrow edges.

[indent=1]Jumping/Dropping/Brakes drain energy, So that makes management of movement (more) important as you cannot just keep jumping all the time.

(Main) Things to do:


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