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Been Sick - Win Condition

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**NOTE: This post was a little longer than I intended. If you don't want to read everything, there're some interesting things about enemy types and game titles near the end. Cheers!

I've been really sick all weekend. I'll spare the gory details. Suffice to say I was unable to do dick all until tonight.

Got some decent work done tonight though (I spent a little over an hour I think):


I've got the motorbike in place and functional (the graphic is placeholder). The bike triggers a win condition when fully repaired (which is indicated by the gray bar above the bike), and I think I've taken into account and implemented every different possible scenario as far as interaction with the bike goes.

Basically, I want the player to only be able to interact with the bike if he's doing ABSOLUTELY nothing else, and is standing in range. If he's firing, or being attacked, or moving at all, he cannot repair the bike, and he is forced to stop repairing if he was doing so when the new action occurred.

Also, repairing the bike spawns the yellow text you see, which indicates how much the bike has been repaired.

I also set up the required code so that the bike is repaired at the appropriate rate (taking into account any repair bonuses or modifiers the player currently has), so I think that all I have to do for the bike is make the graphic and have the win condition actually trigger an animation of the player driving away or something.

In my last post, I mentioned that I would put some code up here. I've been thinking about the structure of some of the code, and I already know I need to change a few classes (I've got some ugly static stuff going on that seemed like a good idea, but doesn't really make sense, etc.), so I'll probably do that first.

Additionally, I've gotten some comments that posting my code in bulk might not yield the best results as far as feedback goes, and I think I have to agree. So, I'll probably pick out a few interesting/troublesome/complex pieces to see if anyone has any ideas about how to better/more efficiently/more elegantly solve the problems. If for no other reason than for fun and to learn a bit more.

You might also have noticed the Facebook and Twitter text in the corner.

I just stuck those in as reminders to add incentive buttons into the game. Essentially, if they like (or at least visit) my Facebook or Twitter pages (yet to be made), they'll get a bonus of X coins for each. I hate social media, but I guess I can't complain about free advertising.

I guess since I've touched on business a little bit with the social media thing, I'll mention that I've yet to decide on a name under which to publish my games. I guess technically, since I'll be selling/marketing/hopefully earning income on these games, even if only on free-to-play online markets, it's technically my development company's name that I have to decide on.

Maybe I'll post some candidates for the name and see how the community reacts. Can you create polls in these journals?

Additionally, I'm going to have to settle on a title for the game.

Originally I was thinking 'Night of the 8-Bit Dead' or 'Twenty 8-Bits Later', to speak to the pixel style graphics, but they're not quite 8-bit, so I don't think it fits.

I had a couple of other titles in mind that I forgot, so they must not have been that good. The only one I have floating around at the moment (which occurred to me today) is 'Dead Pixels'. Kind of a play on words. What do you think? Let me know.

I might stray away from the whole 'Zombie' theme though. That's essentially what the game is, but I might introduce different enemies that don't really fit that 'Romero' description.

Two enemies I've been thinking about are a flying enemy (I think it will be a crow), which will fly in quickly and attack on a parabola (making it a real pain in the ass to hit), and another is a Slender-man inspired enemy that will be tall, tough, and impossible to jump over unless you've unlocked double or triple jump. The Slender Man type enemy will really introduce some challenge, as a key way for the player to avoid the large groups of zombies (which spawn on either side of the screen) is to jump over them. The 'Slender Men' will function as sheep dogs, essentially restricting the players movement, making it much easier for the zombies to overwhelm him.

But I digress. My point was: If the game isn't strictly a zombie game, a zombie type name doesn't make sense any more. So that might open some new possibilities.

My next task will be creating the enemy spawners and having the enemies actually drop cash. That shouldn't take too long, so I might create the health and ammo pickups as well, and implement their random drops by the enemies as well.

Wish me luck.

P.S. If any of you ever have any suggestions, or see anything that looks like particular shit, do me a favor: tell me!

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Another option you might want to investigate, at least for iOS and Android, is Unity Ads.  It was really easy to get working, at least the test versions.  Unity seems to lean towards rewarding people for watching an Ad.  Ex: Watch this add, earn 50 coins.  I've yet to release though, so who knows how lucrative that might be.  And I've heard both those markets are brutal.


I agree, zombie games are a bit played out, though it sounds like you have a horror theme, but my brain is failing me for names.

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Ah, I totally forgot about that option. Usually I'm against invasive things like that, but I played a game that gave the player the option to watch the ad or skip right away, which actually worked well.


Thanks for the suggestion. Is this available in Unity Personal?

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Yup, should be available.  You can set them as skippable after a given time (no limit, 5 seconds, etc) or not, and when they play, and you can tell when a player has skipped one.  So you can do the reward for watching a video fully, or you can just have a video play that is skippable during a transition.


Only major downside is it's only iOS and Android.  I'm doing a Windows 10 version as well, cuz that's what my personal phone is, and I have to come up with an alternative.

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Nope, which is a shame, I haven't researched a method for doing any type of ads on WebGL yet, that's on my TODO list.  If you find anything useful, feel free to share.

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