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Personal Update:

Who has two thumbs and just accepted a gig at Harebrained Schemes working on the new BATTLETECH game?!?!?


This guy!

I submitted my resume and portfolio hoping against hope that they would choose me... AND THEY DID! I'm now the new Tools Engineer for the project.

Two days after they said I'd need to wait for a couple of weeks to interview the other candidates, they sent me an offer letter. (I wonder if there's a funny story there) I thought I'd have more time to prepare!!! O.O Now I need to move my family across the country from Tennessee to Washington state in the next week or two. We're scrambling to pack-up all the stuff we plan to keep and giving away the rest to friends and family members. This is a huge life change, but my family is behind me 100%!

Why is it my dream job? Well, being a for-reals game developer has been one of my goals for a while now. I was prepared to do it on my own, but then I heard Harebrained Schemes were hiring a few developers for the new BATTLETECH Kickstarter project. I've been playing BTech and nearly all of it's variations for 30 years now so I'm a big fan of the franchise. Take a look at my collection if you don't believe me: Eck's Battletech Stuff. So for me, this isn't just A game development job. This is THE game development job.

I've been focusing my efforts over the last several years to give myself a chance to become a game developer on my own. I'm happy I did, because without this preparation, I don't think I would have even been considered. And if I wasn't financially secure, I couldn't have accepted the offer in the first place. It's expensive to move across the country!

I'm super stoked!!!

It hasn't been all sunshine and happiness though. Dreams come at a price. I am saying goodbye to some awesome friends I've had since college. They're happy for me landing my dream job, but they're also very sad to see me go. I've already had a few tearful goodbyes and there's probably still a few more of those in the future. I've hosted Game Day every other week for nearly 15 years now... We probably won't sit at the same physical game table again. I'll keep in touch digitally, but it's not the same. sad.png Maybe after things settle down, we'll get some virtual tabletop action going.

Development Update:

I spent some time working on content generation tools for quests. I was just shy of finishing that since I was offered the job and since then I've been doing home repairs, packing, and donating stuff. I do still plan to finish the game, but A Voxel Adventure is on hold for the near future. I'm planning on focusing on content generation tools so my wife can develop some quests, monsters, and gear for the game while I work on being a badass code ninja at work. smile.png

Tip from your Uncle Eck:

If you're a software developer, you probably have the luxury of being well paid. So put in a little effort to get financially secure. You never know when you might need that extra money.

Apply for your dream job even if you "know" they will say no... Cause they might say YES! biggrin.png

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Congrats!  You're going to be local to me now. =)


Hairbrained seems like it would be a fun place to work, I dug the Shadowrun games.


I will be slightly bummed to see less updates though =P

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I still expect you to participate in the Week of Awesome!


Congratulations and well done :)


Now what are you going to do if they offer you a job working on a firefly mmo :P

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@Everyone - Thanks for the congratulations


@ferrous - Neat. Once things settle down, maybe I'll break my hermit vows and visit you. :)


@Stormynature - I still owe the community my entry for Week of Awesome III. I plan to do it as soon as things settle down. (NOT SOON!) I love me some Firefly, but most TV/Movie Videogames are bleh. I'm not applying so if Firefly offers me a job that will be an interesting day. :)


We're ditching most of our furniture, giving our cars away, and heading across the country. I feel like an adventurer! :)

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Wow man, that's awesome.  At least some of us get to be where you are.  Well done.

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Awesome! Welcome to Seattle! I have a friend who got hired on there six months ago as a graphics programmer / artist. The game dev community out here is well connected as well, so you'll be bumping into a bunch of us everywhere you go.

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Congratulations! Washington State is beautiful! I'm going to college here and it's amazing... I love seeing this kind of thing. Makes me want to keep grinding! Thanks for sharing!

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wow ! this is awesome, Congratulations !

thanks for sharing your experience, glad to see someone reach his dream job

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Thanks guys. I'll be sharing as many details of the experience as the NDA lets me. Next journal entry should be up soon.

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Congratulations man!! I hope to make a post like that some day too. Doing what you like best is the way to goo.

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