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Hi everyone,

it has been quite some time since my last (and only biggrin.png) journal entry. In the meantime, two friends and I had to develop a game for a game programming course at our university. For that, we decided to create a clone of the old artillery game Scorched Earth. We call it RockReaper!

Here is a short video showing the gameplay:



The game was created from scratch using C++ and OpenGL 4.0. We used the SDL library, GLM and a thin C++ wrapper for OpenGL provided by our computer graphics chair.

Our key features are:

  • Randomly generated, fully destructible terrain
  • Day/night-cycle
  • Weather simulation with wind and rain (not shown in the video)
  • Pixel perfect collision detection
  • GPU Particles via Transform Feedback
  • Dynamic lighting
  • 5 different weapons
  • Turn-based multiplayer (2-5 players)

    At the end, we made it in the top 12 and we now have to give a last presentation and submit a trailer for our game. We have no experience with creating trailers, so if anyone has tips or resources on that topic, please let me know. smile.png

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I remember this game! Played a version on a Mac SE.

Liked the fireworks at the end of the video.

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Thank you two :)



I've actually never played it before, as I was a little too young at that time. I only played a later clone called Cannon Hill :D

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Cool. I remember Scorched Earth; a classic. You've done a nice take on it. I'd like to see what you can do along the lines of Liero...

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Thank you. I really like the gameplay of Liero, but it is also much more complex. Maybe someday, if we somehow find the time for it...

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