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The Beginning

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This week:

  • Team decides to go forward with Fowl Flying
  • Art decides on an art style
  • Tech wrestles with terminal velocity

    Although there were initially two ideas, all of the other groups were focusing on just one and it seemed reasonable that all efforts should be directed towards the one game given the limited amount of time.

    The basics of tech started going in. Although there was some difficulty getting the chicken flying, by the end of the week it could be shot out of the cannon and the "flapping" mechanic, giving the chicken a brief boost in height, was in. There are no limits to anything however - the chicken can flap indefinitely and even be shot out of the cannon multiple times without the cannon itself. There is also an issue that if the chicken shoots out of the cannon too close to parallel to the floor, it gains super speed and shoots forward across the floor.


    As for art, the artists decided on a simplistic, low-poly style.

    The Cannon

    Until next week!

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