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Toy on a Mission UE4 Remix - Day 104

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Hello again, And welcome to this week's Journal entry.

Some more UI work has been done:
The options menu can now be dismissed with the Escape key.
Now Have a Widget that can display text over an Actor with a offset.

I have added a objective list and a pop-up message list.
So now there can be a list of objectives displayed on the right and ingame messages can "pop" up in
mid centre on the top.
I want to get the pop-up messages to appear like the ones from Portal 2(Scales up a bit when added).

I seam to be a bit slow on the UI side, That or I am not familiar enough with it.

I have been working on a tutorial level about Buttons & Doors.

I want to have enough (mostly levels, Particularly the tutorials) to have a preview/alpha build done soon, And by soon i mean in about a month or two.

Editor Crash & Burn again:
Editor won't start up, And it crashes when adding some class or something to a list.
Did something similar before, Hopefully it will resolve itself when I start Win8 up tomorrow.
And it is working again.

I have added a Actor that drains energy from the player based on the distance from it and the player, I plan on using these to increase
the difficulty of some areas.
I initially thought about having a AI "posses"(UE uses Pawns for characters that a Player or AI can posses for control) them and go after the player.

Not much has been done this week.
It's seams that I have been busy with other stuff, I will try harder next week.

Just FYI I am open to any and all suggestions.
What do you think of the way that I have laid out what I have done?
That's all for now.

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