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Pastry Party J002 - Update

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We have been fairly busy with the game and I wanted to show some progress of what is in place so far. We have added a promo video which you can watch here:

It is short and simple and will be used to gather interest early on. I know it doesnt define or explain anything (that comes when we have a few more bits of game design in), but it might grab the attention and show some flash which is all I really want to do right now anyway.

Current Gamplay in place:

  • Placement of turrets
  • Destruction of turrets
  • Dynamic Wave system (changes with difficulty without you (designer) setting every round setting
  • Particle systems on death
  • Animations for death, spawn, and other
  • Traps: Poision, Blocker, Turret, Freeze, Catapult
  • Death and reward of killing gingerbread man
  • Music scores
  • Sounds
  • Basic Level design
  • Basic UI
  • Overworld map concept
  • Level design

    Things to be added:

    • Garage for customization of robot
    • robot types (heavy, light, medium)
    • More gingerbread types with different abilities
    • Gumdrop types (more for fun!!)
    • Overworld map design
    • Game saving/progression
    • Combat system
    • Gingerbread (NPC) AI
    • and much more!!

      Doing some crazy stuff today so hope to have another post/video out showing off some cool stuff we have done. Thanks for listening/reading/watching these posts!

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Recommended Comments

Very interested in seeing this grow into a great game.

The robot is awesome!

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looks like a plants vs zombies clone. Yeah there are some differences like view not being locked but gameplay seems very similar.

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well the word clone is a bit "harsh" but this is a turret defense game like Plants vs Zombies :P So I get the point. Thanks for the comments and stay tuned to more upcoming features. I think you will be pleasantly surprised it is not the same. In fact, in the most recent video we show off some Third Person shooter tactics.

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