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March Already?

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Man, I suck at this blogging thing.

Status update: Chapter 5 is looking pretty good, and I'm getting through the content creation for Chapter 6. I may just wait to release Chapter 5 along with Chapter 6 because, well, I'm lazy, I guess.

Now, something about TotAW development. So, I'm working on Chapter 6, the town area. In Chapter 6, you are now a pretty powerful figure, and your home base is "Murphet's Moveable Mansion", a magical inter-planar domicile that can move its entry portal around to various locations. This means that inside the mansion, I need a portal that can lead to different locations depending on what the level scripting has done. This is a new thing in TotAW, so I had to check how to make it work. Rather than edit up the whole mansion, I used a temporary level to be sure that this could work. Here is the temporary level in all its glory:


As you can see, the level has a portal, and a magical servant you can talk to, controlling the destination of the portal. What more is needed?

I'm happy to report that the game engine handled the moveable portal with no issues.

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