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Rivers and demos

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Back from my break and back to reality. I wanted to explore the country but I couldn't for several reasons. I did visit some places near my city, though, which was nice:


(Pictured: a hot summer day with a cold-as-ice river).

Regarding the game, I finally made something playable, a demo of sorts. I set up a GameJolt page and everything, but it barely got attention, unfortunately.

I guess just uploading the thing it's not enough, I have to actually try to spread the word, and I'm doing a terrible job at it. I guess I just don't like "selling" things.

Of course this is just a short simple game, and maybe not even a good one, so it's not like I'm expecting thousands of people playing it, but I'll be content with just a few saying: "hey, I enjoyed it", and if I want a few people to say that I need to make them know that the game exists in the first place.

I'm taking a break with development for a while to focus on trying to find an audience. Nobody wants to make a game that nobody will play.

Thanks for reading!

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Hey man, just tried it... and I did not stop after 1 or 2 minutes. So it's actually not terrible. I think the sound effects are a bit too much for me. Mainly the shooting one could be a little less "heavy".


I played a few missions. I think it is missing a little character. The style is pretty cool. I am just missing something. Maybe a short intro story?


As I said, I liked the style tho and that communication is pretty funny.

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Man, I didn't see your comment, sorry! Only two months later I noticed it.


Thanks for taking the time to test it, and I'm glad that you think that "it's not terrible". The sound effects are indeed annoying, but I can't seem to find better ones, and I don't know how to make the sounds myself.


I added an intro cutscene and a prologue mission a month ago to give a little more context, but I don't know if that makes that much of a difference.


Again, thanks for trying it out, and sorry for the late reply!

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