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Toy on a Mission UE4 Remix - Day 125

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Hello again, And welcome to this week's Journal entry.

I have added a CubeKey type to open door(s) like in "Commander Keen"
So what you do is collect them and the door will open once all ID's for the event have had there criteria done.
I have called this a "Gameplay Event", You register ID's with required and current states along with references to the objects for the Event.
Then you just notify the event system of changes via the ID and tell it to update the states, Any the door for the event will open if it has been satisfied.

I have added a method to the Event Manager that will look for all Actors that implement the event interface and register then for the event based on it's "channel", Currently it only supports one door per event; But that is easy enough to change.

I have also just started trying Tiled to help block-out my levels before trying to build them in UE4.

The player now has a guide mode that gets activated before the player does the "Drop"
The green line below the ball(player) is the guide, Right now it is just using a repurposed electricty arc PS.
Pressing L-CTRL enables the guide mode so the player can see where he will land when he releases it,
I am going to add a key to cancel the drop in case the player has decided against doing a Drop.

I have also added enemie that drains energy from the player, It creates a arc to random points inside it's sphere untill the player enters.

I am not going to be able to do a post next Friday, So I will do one sometime Thursday

I have found that if you right click with the mouse to scroll in UE4 menus it applies some acceleration to it causing it to scroll down/up for a bit.

I am also going to start posting my goals for the next week (again), I read an article that said doing so is helpful as it is like reporting progress back to your boss.
So here is my list for next week:

  • Create a new level with the CubeKeys, Using Tiled to design it first.
  • Look into reading of json/csv files at runtime so that I/user can build the levels with Tiled and just add them without building custom levels.
  • Build a random pickup spawner(Energy, Energy regen rate, Energy regen cap increase)

    Stuff for the future:

    • Cleaning up the textures, Mostly just re-authoring them at a higher resolution
    • Redoing the UV's of the obstical meshes so that they can have tiled textures applied nicely, I made the sides use a section of the texture to give them a solid colour.
    • (Finally) building that custom texture filter using FreeImage
    • Improving the responsiveness of the controlls
    • Getting better at making platformer levels.

      That's all for now,
      Thanks for reading.

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