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Creation of Zergification tech demo: Fancy new video (again)

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First of all, the project is still very much alive.
Second, making assets take a lot of time, so thank you for the patience.

So what I'm working on now? I have a system in my framework that creates different districts in the town, only problem is that I don't have enough assets to show it. In a few months I would like to create enough assets so I could create a garden district and palace district. After I'll spend some time just gathering feedback and polishing. In about 4 (?) months I'll FINALLY start working on the actual Zergification.

If you have any questions about the project or any of the technical details, just ask, I'll be happy to write an article or tutorial about it.
If you have any kind of feedback, please don't be shy and tell it, I'm always looking for ways to make this better.

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Is this your own engine? being made with something? What is the goal? I just started reading this today and really have no idea where you are going with this :P It is epic indeed, but still no idea the goal.

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This project is a technical demonstration i'm creating for my final year project at university.The goal of this tech demo is to procedurally generate town and then destroy it.


I'm not making my own engine, I'm using Unreal Engine 4.

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Aha.. now I finally know what all this "Creation of Zergification" stuff, which I've never looked at, is all about. Neat :)

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