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Personal Update

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Just a quick personal update to explain my total lack of posting here for a while.

Had some kind of problem with my stomach and kidneys which led me to be admitted to hospital a couple of weeks ago. I was able to walk when I went in to the doctors, was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance and was blood tested and weighed - 40 kilos or 6.2 stone (I'm 41 and 5 foot 10) and my kidney function had effectively stopped.

Due to this, my potassium and phosphor levels dropped to almost zero and within about three hours, I had become completely paralysed, I could wiggle my toes and move my head, but the rest of my body was like a dead fish. Couldn't even move my finger tips. Was pretty scary.

Spent about four days like this on the acute cardio ward. Went into surgery to put a pick line in my neck to get medication into me faster, in addition to the two cannulas, one in each arm, the feeding tube in my nose, the pads connecting me to the monitor and the catheter they inserted up my pride of manhood. They poured an insane amount of potassium, phosphor, nutrients and even at one point a blood pack (grizzly looking thing when it is dangling over your head) while dumping me on bed pans and shifting my position every half hour to avoid sores,

Sleep on a noisy ward, with cables coming out of every angle is impossible as you can imagine. The long nights waiting were probably the worst bit, but they passed eventually, as they do.

Eventually, one night, I noticed I could move my fingers again, so spent the entire night forcing myself to move more and more. By morning I could lift my hands over my head as long as I linked my thumbs together, and next day to my enormous joy, I could operate the bed control. I cannot describe how amazing it felt just to have the choice to move the bed up or down when I wanted.

Within a couple of days, my movement returned and I was put back on a normal ward. Spent about another week there going slowly insane as was not able to sleep due to the noise and the fact that there were cables protruding from every imaginable spot on my body and head, But after a couple of days I was able to walk to the bathroom, with my catheter bag in tow.

Then, one by one, the cables were removed. Once I only had the pick line and two disconnected cannulas in, I was able to walk to the hospital canteen and back, which was nice in a way, but nearly killed me. Always been one to run before I could walk. Made it there okay but nearly collapsed on the way back.

After a total of ten days in, they finally sent me home. First night at home was amazing. My own bed, television, radiator, clothes, all seemed like mana from heaven, although sadly that feeling fades,

So now, I'm still off work and having regular blood tests. My potassium, phosphor (were dangerously low) and sodium (was dangerously high) have returned to normal, but turns out now my haemoglobin is about half what it should be so had another test yesterday to confirm it is iron deficiency anaemia. Should be easy enough to treat if so, maybe with another transfusion or maybe just pills, but it at least explains why I'm still using a walking stick and need two hours lie down for every ten minute walk I take.

My blood electrolyte balance is also still all over the place but this is apparently due to refeeding syndrome. My body was in famine mode for so long it is still struggling to figure out what to do with the food I'm now pouring in. But I'm a hell of a lot better than when I first got out of the hospital, just very tired which I'm hoping is just iron deficiency anaemia which should be treatable.

So, quite a month really. Looking forward to getting back to work, hopefully next week, and looking forward to getting the energy to get into some pet projects again. Need to review where I was with my game and level editor but just don't have the concentration span at the moment.

I was extremely poorly at home for about a week before all this happened, so it looks like I'll get plenty of warning if this is going to happen again. They have no idea if it will or not, but at least I now know the early signs and can get myself into treatment a lot earlier in future. Suspect I'll be being monitored pretty regularly for a while now anyway.

The British NHS truly is the best in the world, free at the point of need and paid for purely by National Insurance. I also have to pay GBP8.50 per prescription because I work, but these are free to people on welfare. Every civilised and rich country should have the same and we here need to fight the current government like hellcats against its current approach of "defund, break and privatise". The service I received was, as always, fantastic.

Had a lot of time to think and not much else in hospital, especially during the sleepless nights when I was paralysed. It really is true that you don't appreciate anything until its gone, and that you have no clue what is actually important until you lose it. I wish I could hang onto that feeling for the rest of my life, but it is already fading. Guess I'll be back moaning and sweating the small stuff within a few weeks. Seems to be how our brains work. A shame really, but probably an evolutionary necessity I guess.

Thanks for stopping by.

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Wow, 40 kg is extremely low for 5 foot 10 and your story sounds really scary. Good to hear that you are feeling better now and I hope that you find some ways to get more weight on your body.

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Yikes, yeah, that is almost half of my weight and I'm about the same height, what do you normally tend to weigh?  Glad you're able to move, that sounds scary.

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Glad you are feeling better and hope to read your posts sooner than later

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[quote name="ferrous" timestamp="1459453518"]Yikes, yeah, that is almost half of my weight and I'm about the same height, what do you normally tend to weigh?  Glad you're able to move, that sounds scary.[/quote] I'm normally between 10 and 11 stone so a way to go yet :) Thanks all for the comments.

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Glad you're on the mend and you're absolutely right about how lucky we are at the moment, at least until the Tories finish destroying our NHS :(


Hope you recover swiftly. The care for anaemia is pretty good, my sister always has incredibly low iron levels but has nothing but praise for the care she's been getting.

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Wow that sounds terrible, glad you're doing okay now. That must've been scary as hell. Best of luck with your further recovery.

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