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Toy on a Mission UE4 Remix - Day 153

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Hello again, And welcome to this week's Journal entry.

Stuff done this week:

  • [100%] Build a random pickup spawner(Energy, Energy regen rate, Energy regen cap increase) - I had a spawn volume that can do this already
  • [100%] Create a C++ (base) class to handle the CubeKey gameplay event handling
  • [~12%] Improving the responsiveness of the controls

    Error of the week:
    I was having a crash with the following snippet of code, Because I did not read the crash and exception properly I was thinking that I was doing something wrong while trying to call a blueprint implemented event.

    Can you guess what I did wrong?
    (This is some code from the C++ base class that handles CubeKey gameplay events)for ( int32 j = 0; event.Doors.Num(); ++j ){ auto door = event.Doors[ j ]; if ( nullptr != door.GetObject() ) { door->Execute_Open( door.GetObjectRef() ); } else { UE_LOG( LogTemp, Error, TEXT( "\"door.GetObject()\" return nullptr" ) ); }}
    I forgot the conditional, And I did not find this for two days because I did not pay proper attention to the exception from VS.

    Next week's plan:

    • Finish "Create a C++ (base) class to handle the CubeKey gameplay event handling"
    • Continue improving the control's responsiveness.
    • Finish the movement test map (It is to test all the moves that the player can due to make sure that something has not gotten broken)
    • Sit down and finalise: Jump distances, Overall (story) goal,
    • [SpawnVolume] Move the legacy parts into there own catagory, And make the percent spawned chance work in the [0,1] interval instead of [0,100], And added a auto spawn chance (options) when none is provided.
    • [UI] Show a list of playable levels for the player to select from.
    • Come up with a way to show the player how to play the game without making it obvious(gameplay mechanics)
    • General gameplay mechanics stuff - A little leeway incase I get bored/frustrated with some of the other stuff :)

      Personal note:
      The power was off from 9:00-14:30 yesterday, So I was unable to do some work <_<
      It is not unexpected as there have been power shortages (but not for some time, So I don't know where they are getting it from).
      This makes getting a UPS somewhat more necessary incase they go back to loadshedding (which means from 2-4 hours of no power, Once in the morning and once at night; Unless it goes to stage 3/4)

      That's all for now, Thanks for reading.

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