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Played One Piece Ultimate War, tell the world that Dreams never die!

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There's Luffy's team on its way to put Sanji to safety, Nekomamushi's team in search of Marco, One Piece Ultimate War Kin'emon and his group headed to Wano and Momonosuke and Inuarashi left in Zou. While playing an early build of the versus mode in One Piece Ultimate War, my first thought was a feeling of deja vu, which wasn't too much of a surprise seeing that One Piece Ultimate War is coming from the same team as J-Stars Victory VS+, another team based fighter.
If you buy the strategy guide book, written by the V Jump staff, you will get a swim suit outfit for Koala. New gameplay for One Piece Ultimate War has been released featuring a massive 9-vs-9 fight. Spoilers of Chapter 821 direct to Dragon and Blackbeard? While the idea of the game is to switch out characters who might be weak against others I tried playing most of a full match with each character I tried as. The gameplay's setting is at the Coliseum. It features the entire Straw Hat crew fighting against teams of marines and Pirates. According to Saiyan Island, the gameplay involves three teams of three characters per player. When one time falls, the next time joins the battle. In the gameplay video, we see the first two teams face off. You start by selecting your team of three followed by your three supports. Only one fighter can be play at a time and you use the rear shoulder buttons to switch out characters, each one having their own life gauge.
Here is an image that shows the support characters, in case you have forgotten them. Could this be the final saga of the best-selling manga? Whilst I couldn't figure out the exact specifications to pull it off, when switching characters in battle sometimes you'll activate a Unity Assist where the character will switch into battle with an attack.
View More: http://onepiece-ultimatewar.wikia.com/

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