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Back in Business

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Due of lack of time i had to stop the video documentation series totally :-( But dont feel down! I started last month working with unreal engine 4 again with very good success ;-) As a matter of fact i made more progress in the last month than in the past 2 years!

With UE4 i can fully focus on gameplay and not on writing engine code at all and this is very nice.

Currently i have a fully working platformer with working levers, doors, fixed and flooding lava, elevators, jumppads, spikes, getting hurt and die... all that good stuff. Elevators are fully dynamic and searches the next stop using line traces. Nothing much to add except moving platforms against checkpoints.
Of course all fancy staff is not implemented yet and i plan to replace the crappy art with better ones when the gameplay is fully implemented. Maybe i will upload a video showing off when the gameplay is implemented.

Attached is a small screenshot.

Stay tuned.

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