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Fowl Flying - Final Week

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Well, the deadline is finally here. While we didn't get everything we wanted and planned for in, we're happy with what we managed to get done! So, first of all, a collection of new things that were added since the last update:

One of the artists(!) composed some tracks for us. There is a menu song as well as a themed song (or two) for each region. You can hear samples from this video:



A new character was created, TicToc the Croc:


Pick-ups were created to spawn randomly throughout the level. Touching them can mostly help, but on occasion, hinder you!


A few new assets were created:
Two for the Norway region, a train:


and a snowy car:


As well as some health/energy pick-ups so we could get rid of some of the placeholders:


We changed the background as the paper texture didn't fit so well with the final style we went for. Now, the colour changes dynamically as the Z-position of the character changes.


And finally, we added shop functionality, various sound effects and background scenery for each region location, which can all be seen in this gameplay demo video!



Thanks for reading!

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