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Pastry Fortress - J007 - MP and Dropships

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Been a few weeks since I have posted, mostly because work has been crazy. However, as with all my returns I come bringing gifts of visual joy!


These are dropPods that carry the robot to the ground. When you arrive at your facility you are launched from a launch station. This dropPod is how you and your friends (In MP mode) spawn into the world. We thought the process was so cool we created a button to spawn as many as we liked (without the need for a player spawn). The havoc from such things is what you see before you. However, we did find some bugs that might help us fix some stuff with the normal player spawn:


Such as, if you spawn 50 at once (have you really press hard on that spawn button to make that happen) they get stuck in the air somehow. I believe this is authentication to the server, but who knows right now! Either way, we had loads of fun and the game is really coming together now. I will probably provide a video of this entire thing in another blog later in the week.

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That is a really good way to spawn the player.

Will you support LAN for MP (or more accurately disable LAN once released)

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We are making it (as I will with all games I ever make) fully 100% open. You can, however set your game mode to private, but even in SP "mode" you are just a 1 player MP server with you being the server. We have plans for P2P and possibly dedicated servers supporting upwards to 10+ players. However, 10 players in our overall design would be UNFUCKINGODLY! :P I imagine we will mostly see 4 person or 6 person stuff.

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