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Has it really been a month?

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Wow... It's been over a month since my last post... Craziness.

Anyway, just wanted to drop a line to say I'm still alive, and making pretty good progress (though, of course, I still wish I'd made more).

I've been working strictly on graphics this last little while, and I had a pretty good streak going. That's been broken about this past week, however. Overtime at work and just the every day grind of life has gotten in the way a bit.

Anyway, time for some good stuff.

I've got all of my weapon graphics done:


Oh, shit. Nevermind. As I was making this collage I realized I missed one :angry:

Ah well... They're all almost done. They probably took me longer than they should have, but towards the last graphics, they were only taking twenty or thirty minutes, down from about an hour a piece at the start. A couple could use some additional shading, but not bad considering this is my first pixel art experience. I think I'm learning quickly.

I figure I'll stay on the graphics for the time being. I've got all my UI icons complete as well (I might post those another time).

Now I need to do a 9mm, Motorbike, two more animated enemies (more if you count color variations), and I need to use shrunken versions of the above weapons for my character to hold (I'm hopeful, but I doubt that simply resizing will work...), and then I can get back to my bread and butter... coding.

Stay tuned.

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