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Still Having Fun

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Lots of updates but not enough time to do them justice. Here's a quick bulletpoint list.

  • Sold my house back in Tennessee. That went very smoothly and it went to a good family. \o/
  • Daughter switched schools again. She's liking it, and the math is finally a challenge.
  • Still working hard at work. I've made several terrain tools, worked on some cool Inverse Kinematics stuff, and now I'm working on the level design tool for Battletech. I plan to share a little of what I'm doing and write up some techniques, but there's just no time!
  • I'm guest starring on a live Battletech RPG show on twitch. It's on HyperRPG and called Death From Above. There's an RP session where the story unfolds and a tabletop session where we play on a custom board with oversized miniatures and inflict actual damage to the mechs as they take hits. That's on Fridays at 6:30pm PST. Next Friday is my last session for a bit.
  • And I'm captaining a team for a boardgame fundraising event at Mox Boarding House. It's called the Gauntlet and it's raising money for YouthCare. If you donate, not only do you help homeless youths, you also give my team power ups for the board game tournament. Plus checkout my sweet incentives! :D It's on Sunday May 15th, [s]so hurry and donate before it's too late![/s] It's too late to help my team, but you can still feel free to give money to YouthCare.




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