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Project Overview

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- a modern rpg in a retro cartridge -




You awake at an overgrown altar

around you nothing but darkness and shadowy figures

Beyond the darkness lies an old castle surrounded by dark fields

and inhabited by an evil king

An adventure awaits and your story begins here




[td]RPG in retro GBA cartridge
This project is all about creating a modern RPG in a GBA cartridge.
The game will be a modern themed RPG with old school graphics
so that it can run on an old Nintendo handheld.

Developping GBA roms is a whole new challenge since the consoles are discontinued.
The graphics will also have to be simple enough for a GameBoy Advanced to run it.

Targeted platforms
The targeted platforms are any platform that can run a GBA cartridge.
Originally, only the cartridge will be released, so the game will be playable on any console
ranging from the GameBoy Advanced to the DS lite.

The limitations of GBA developing
Since the GBA rom should run on the lowest compatible handheld, being the
GameBoy Advance, you are limited to a 32-bit ARM7tdmi RISC CPU operating at 16.78MHz
along with regular 32-bit ARM instructions and 16-bit Thumb instructions.

This limits your game to basic graphics and the maximum size of your game is limited
to 32 MBit once it is fully compiled.

How GBA developing works
GBA roms are written in C and then cross-compiled into Thumb commands which
the GameBoy can understand. This means that roms can be relatively easily made in
C language.

Current status
At the moment the project is still in a very early phase. We are still working on
game concepts and are 'reinventing' GBA programming, since this isn't done
anymore and documentation is limited.

We will keep you posted about the status of the project and you can
also submit ideas and feedback.

Help the project
Are you good with C/GBA programming or are you good at making artwork
for games? We could always use more help to improve our project, so if
you are interested and you would like to help the project,
please contact us![/td]
You awake at an overgrown altar and lear that you were summoned
by the shadow people who have been living underground for years
and see you as a deity. You are in fact not a deity, but just a simple
boy from the overwold. Still, the only way out of this is to
overthrow the evil king who has been supressing the shadow
people for years, but the king has many minions ready
to stop you. It turns out that brute force is not always
the best approach and that your actions will
determine the outcome of this story

You will advance your adventure by overcoming minions and bosses
with the help of the shadow people. There are multiple ways
to do this however, instead of using brute force you can always use
a more diplomatic approach. This and many other choises you will have
to make will effect the outcome of the game

- Do you like this concept and would you like to have the game once it is finished? -

Let us know what you think and leave a post on our thread!


Do you like the project and do you want to support us?

Buy our developers a coffee by donating using


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