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Level creation timelapse and dog bites

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Hi, long time no see.

I haven't worked on the game lately, I kinda lost the drive to do so, I've been busy with my job, and I'm having some little health issues (insomnia and cluster headaches). To top it all off, yesterday I was bitten in the leg by a street dog, and now I need to take vaccines against rabies for the following three weeks :mellow:

I did make a video, though. Not much about gameplay, but rather about how I make one of the levels, you know, typical game dev stuff. I guess I enjoy showing the process of making the game more than showing the game itself.

Also, I set up a IndieDB page, and it got a warmer reception than on GameJolt, so that was a little boost in motivation, which was nice.

Anyways, progress is slow as usual, and it's funny to look back to when I wrote that the game "should be finished by December 2015, that's more than enough time". It's not that I'm suffering from scope creep or anything because I'm not really adding more and more stuff to the game, it's basically the same as planned originally, so I guess I'm just a slow developer. It doesn't help that I play Civilization V and Age of Empires 2 on a daily basis :P.

Thanks for reading!

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I love the art style of this, nice one :D


Thanks mate! :D

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Rabies!!! that sucks. At least it's only like 3 shots in the arm now, not 18 in the stomach :D

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Five shots in my case, but yeah, not that big of a deal, and at least I'll get some free candy :D (not).

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