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Vision Mobile: If There Were 100 Developers in the World

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Have you ever asked yourselves what would the world be like if there were only 100 developers in it? Well even if you haven't, we are sure we have just made you think about it.

Based on our Developer Economics survey that reaches 30,000+ devs per year, across mobile, IoT, cloud, desktop, AR/VR, machine learning , we designed a very interesting Infographic illustrating this scenario.

Check it out and find interest insights about the Developer World:

  • How many men and women would this world include ?
  • Which continent would be the most populated ?
  • How many would be Pros and how many Hobbyists ?
  • How experienced are developers in this world?
  • What is the most popular coding language?

Click here to take the survey!

Take the survey!

Click here to take the survey!

About the Author

Bill Ray, Senior Research Analyst at Vision Mobile

As an analyst at VisionMobile Bill is responsible for interpreting the gathered data, explaining how it reflects the ever-changing mobile industry. Having worked at Internet startups, and multinational telcos, Bill provides a holistic, and international, view of an industry which has already changed the world.

As a developer Bill wrote his first mobile app in 1988, and has been failing to make money out of them ever since. He architected set-top boxes at Swisscom and Cable & Wireless, and was Head of Enabling Technology (responsible for on-device software) at UK mobile network O2. He then spent eight years as a journalist at tech publication The Register, before joining VisionMobile as a senior analyst.

He has written a couple of books on mobile development, and countless articles about the development of the wireless industry.

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