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So... What Now?

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So, after several years of coding and content creation, Temple of the Abyssal Winds is "done". Get it here: http://prankster.com/totaw!


So, now what do I do with myself? It's a bit of a weight off my shoulders to know that I accomplished what I wanted to, and I could just let it be done right now.

Well, short term, there are quite a few little bugs and improvements I want to make to TotAW. I've been pushing on making the content (the chapters) for so long that I haven't been doing the coding and design stuff that, honestly, I probably enjoy a little bit more. I'll give that a shot for a few weeks at least. I've already fixed a few long standing annoyances; for instance, if you click on a chest (to get your loot), but another chest is closer to your character, the closer (possibly empty, the horror!) chest sometimes opens instead.

I should really write a post-mortem, too, at least to organize my thoughts.

And then what? Start on the next big RPG using the next engine? Work on a whole new game? Do something completely different? It's wide open!

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Congrats, colossal achievement, here comes an even cooler game on the horizon ?!

I should really write a post-mortem, too, at least to organize my thoughts.

A project "after several years of coding and content creation" this long :O must be recapped :), at least to see all the awesomeness together + it would be much appreciated too ;) (mortems are always useful to read).


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