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KREEP, 1.1.

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Hi all!

Small update (~announcement) this time. Operation KREEP 1.1 is available:



Now if you buy or re-download the game on one of these store-fronts you get the latest version :wink:.

I made a little teaser too this week for the update:

Still working on releasing it on Steam but based on the tasks left, it is only a matter of days. I didn't really wanted to set a fixed date, like next Friday or something like that, but it is safe to say, that by the end of next week it will be ready.

I will write a "mini-mortem" for this 1.1 update and the Steam release once the whole thing is behind me, since a lot can be learned from these summary goodies + compared to the development of the original game I feel like my level of discipline and the overall organization of the project was a mess :unsure:, so I have to draw my conclusions and keep this lesson in my mind.

Take care!

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I like this, especially the fact that four players can play at the same time. How do you control 4 players? Mouse/keyboard or gamepads?

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Hi Severin, thanks!

Mixed, keyboard and/or gamepads...
Four players are all mapped to keyboard buttons, but the keys can be configured on the keyboard any time in the settings menu:

Actions: up, left, down, right and fire

Player 1: Up, Left, Down, Right and Right Control
Player 2: W, A, S, D and R
Player 3: I, J, K, L and P
Player 4: Numpad8, Numpad4, Numpad5, Numpad6 and Numpad0

Also, any player can change to a gamepad, since four gamepads are supported by the game. Both keyboard and gamepad control works for a given player at the same time.
On gamepads DPads and ThumbSticks control the player movement and any other button can be used for firing.


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Cool. I did not checked all your posts but could you please explain what mutators do.

This constantly growing kreep slime in a multiplayer shooter game is really a good I idea I would gladly work on a similar game too :)

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Yep, mutators are sort of like "game modes" but they are not exclusive, so they can be combined.
They "mutate" the base rule set for achieving a different experience, be it harder, more strategic, more hectic, or simply funny :)!

Some examples from KREEP:

KREEP eats people! -> The KREEP has a higher chance to eat nearby players (sort of like really hard mode :D).
Rocket launchers -> Instead of laser rifles the players have rocket launchers equipped which fire slow moving explosive projectiles.
Energy shield -> Players spawn with a personal energy shield, which saves from one hit.
Last man standing -> No infinite spawning, each player has four lives and it is over.

So these can be set for any game you play, so you could play a "Last man standing" match with "Energy shield" active too etc...

The 1.1 version of the game adds 3 new unique mutators. The trailer presents 2 from the new ones, one for turning props into explosives and one where the KREEP not only grows, but jumps around from tile to tile, making it's movement/growth even more unpredictable.

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