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Major Update

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[font=tahoma]After weeks of hard work, we present to you the new and shinier version of Epistory. You spoke and we listened. We understand it would have been better for most of you to receive the update in chunks over the weeks but given the amount of changes it was a lot easier for us to handle one big transition to the new version instead of several small incremental versions. We even had to stop planning for a workshop beta.
Without further ado, here's the changelist:


  • [font=tahoma]Mod support.[/font]

  • [font=tahoma]Profiles (multiple saves) support.[/font]

  • [font=tahoma]Steam Cloud support.[/font]

  • [font=tahoma]Distinction between gameplay and story language.[/font]

  • [font=tahoma]Splash screen only when the game launches.[/font]

  • [font=tahoma]Removed mouse cursor during gameplay.[/font]

  • [font=tahoma]Improved arena wave randomness.[/font]

  • [font=tahoma]Single letter words always get typed, even in the middle of another word.[/font]

  • [font=tahoma]Several small improvements for the map.[/font]

  • [font=tahoma](slightly) Improved performance, (massively) reduced spikes.[/font]

  • [font=tahoma]V-Sync option.[/font]

  • [font=tahoma]Custom mouse cursor.[/font]


    • [font=tahoma]Several sound errors. Please let us know if you still encounter any problems.[/font]

    • [font=tahoma]Game not loading on Linux when the OS is not set to English locale.[/font]

    • [font=tahoma]Several small bugs for the map.[/font]

    • [font=tahoma]Several small errors in the story texts.[/font]

    • [font=tahoma]Several keyboard specific patterns.[/font]

    • [font=tahoma]Music/effects volume preference not always respected.[/font]

    • [font=tahoma]Entering the "Ice Mausoleum" door without triggering the scene change.[/font]

      [font=tahoma]And of course several small improvements/fixes across the board that would be too long to list. As always, we welcome your feedback and bug reports.[/font]


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