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SpellCraft update and adventure mode

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It has only been two weeks since my last entry but I wanted to show my progress and talk about adventure mode so here I am again.
So what is new:
- using libgdx ViewPort so now it should run on all devices with a screen size of at least 800x480
- screen backgrounds
- creature graphics: removed the ugly magenta placeholder color
- GUI improvements like nicer buttons

I would like to start with screenshots, video and the apk file because that shows more than mere words.

Here is a new apk file.

Here is a short video with a new game started and a battle:

And here are some screenshots from adventure mode:

So adventure mode is like a text story where a single hero descends into the dungeon. The player can choose who he will send, equip the hero and start it. Then the gyroscope in the phone will activate and count the footsteps of the user. For every tenth step a new event is generated randomly. So he is supposed to lock the screen, put the mobile in his pocket and start walking, running or doing any other type of exercising that requires physical movement. When finished, he should check the game and see what did happen in that time. Maybe the adventurer will get killed in a battle or by a trap, but it is also possible that he will find a rare and powerful magical item.
If the adventurer is killed the user can see what happened. Perhaps his dexterity was low and he did not get to avoid a trap. So next time he can send someone with higher dexterity score.
This is a nice method to motivate to use bike or just walk a bit instead of using public transportation.
On the screenshots you can see some adventure encounters. A particularly interesting one is the one with the old dwarf. If the adventurer is a dwarf too and the charisma check succeeds the old dwarf will give the player a key that could be used in the other encounter the dwarf fortress. With it the adventurer can open the secret door to the treasury where some really powerful artifacts are.
So some encounters may depend on others.
And adventure mode will also good for leveling the heroes.

Any comments are welcome! And please let me know if you installed the .apk file!

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My main phone is not android, so I'll have to try it later on my hand me down android.  It looks promising.  


Can you sell items at any time?  I'm thinking a "Take All" button might be nice, but if there isn't an easy way to sell items later, I might end up with too much junk in my inventory.

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ferrous: Thanks for the comment and let me know when you tried installing it!

The Take All button is a good idea. I changed the loot screen so that now you just mark the item buttons with a single click and then you can take or sell several items at once.

Selling items is possible at any time in the game so I did not have to change that.

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