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Status report 6-15-2016

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Norman Barrows


status report 6-15-2016

the game is really coming along. its now complete, stable, and appealing enough that i've started playing it just for fun, instead of playing store bought games i own. "resource tracking on a per resource basis" and "lack of variety in diet affecting mood" have really made gathering and preparing food more realistic, challenging, and interesting. the addition of large and small flint points and pitch has made crafting much more realistic. it amazing how small rule changes in the mechanics of a game can result in big changes in the dynamics of a game. those two small changes have raised gameplay immersion levels by amazing amounts.

highlights of new features:
* about 20 types of quest generators completed so far
* A* (A-star) path finding
* wood palisaides
* villages
* cave painings
* numerous new actions and objects

big stuff left to do:
* quest generators
* final graphics

new since the last status report on 3-17-2016:
* game tracks last 10 types of food eaten. eating the same thing too often reduces mood.
* followers and pets now moveto owner at rng 50 and stop at rng 10.
* TAMED no longer migrate as part of graze behavior
* added msg if your pet gets killed
* all damage in the game now uses hit loction. old damage variables turned off.
* crippling affects animal and NPC movement rates and attack capabilities.
* give some indication of effect upon eating a spirit plant.
* changed popup & fullscreen menus and messages to dark stone background for greater contrast with white text.
* fixed: selected_pet wasnt hooked up.
* make BMs move out of your way when you push against them. when player collides w/ bm doing nothing, they go into collision recovery.
* fixed: sleep in bedding in hut, then get stuck in walls when wake up. sleep in bedding snaps them to bedding center. bedding center is in walls. select picks spot 3-4 feet in front of BM, inside hut. beding is made 5 feet infront of BM, and thus inside the hut walls. simply create bedding at BM loc, then its guaranteed to not be inside the wall! : )
* pets should reduce chance of being suprised - should raise alarm when encounters happen. pet within 100 cuts BM chance of being suprised in half.
* option to switch to bm if they are attacked while doing an action
* companions, warriors, and pets move out of your way when you push against them.
* make b2_avian_eatkill use meat resources, not general resources.
* defend berrybush, fruit tree and waterhole quests now fail if player flees.
* fixed: rockshelter collisions not working. terrain_in_way and terrain_in_way2 now use rockshelter_in_way instead of collision map. a rockshelter is not a BBox radius type obstacle. generic_move2 and b2_bm_move didnt do collision checks when BM was inside rock shelter. so BM sometimes got stuck in collision against interior walls.
* fixed: silvatherium attacks CHR cavemen at rockshelter, and they just stand around. friendly AI was just targeting HOSTILE, not WILD.
* new_set_tgt must consider all potential threats when selecting targets, or fight or flght won't work. so friendly AI must tgt WILD and hostile for
+ wild should target: all but their own kind.
+ goodguys should target: hostile and wild
+ hostiles should tgt all but hostiles.
+ nobody targets captured or subdued
WARROIR, COMPANION, and TAMED now use set_friendly_tgt (all wilds/hostiles) set_wild_tgt and set_hostile_tgt are already correct. set_friendly_tgt was fixed yesterday.
* fixed: forgot to add "staunch wounds" to the "other actions" menu.
* fixed: dropall and a number of similar routines (give_all, storeall, etc) didnt check for active object. all were code used by routines that call
shift_select. checked all calls to shift_select, to make sure all such routines were fixed. this was the cause of nuts appearing in storage pits!
* defend quests: takes too long for badguys to show up. i'm defending a rockshelter. gotten a dozen animals encounters (its a busy place!), but no badguys. been there almost a day. increased raid chance from 1 in 100K per sec to 1 in 10K per sec. avg of 2.77 hrs, vs 27.777 hrs between encounters.
* fixed: boost stats doesnt un-cripple limbs
* cut encounter ranges for dense terrain types (woods, grass, jungle, rocks)
* volcano collision rad is off - increased to 55. volcanos can span more than 1 collision map. so portion in adjacent map doesnt get set to impassable. will need different collsion check for volcanos. removed volcanos from collision maps. now uses true 2d rad of 70 ft.
* not many volcanoes in the world? increased chance 10x
* fixed: quest_animals_removed doesnt work with multiple simultaneous defloc encounters.
+ add is_quest_animal, quest_BM, and questnum to animalrec.
+ set is_quest_animal etc when spawn quest animals.
+ add animals_removed to questrec.
+ make remove_animals set cm[quest_BM].quest[questnum].animals_removed if it removes a quest animal.
* new: need non-defloc aggressive quest AI. if quest animal and not defloc, runs new quest AI.
new quest gens:
defend rock shelter
defend hut
defend berry bush
defend fruit tree
defend waterhole
get special item
volcano quest
* attack cave rockshelter and hut quests done
* new fuction: dist3. bbdist in ft. works up to 75K map sq range! (375,000 miles!)
* fixed: crh encounters now spawn outside the crh
* replace quest_animal_alive (any defloc alive) w/ quest_animal_alive2 (any quest animal for cm1 quest q alive)
* replace quest_animal_removed with cm[a].quest.animals_removed
* done: all quest gens: must trap out player simply fleeing and quest animals deactivating.
* checked volcano quest. double spawn is fixed.
* kill animals for reward - places animals at a map sq too far from questor, should be 1-2 sq radius. same for kill cavemen for reward. made a version of randommapsquare that takes a radius.
* MOVETO_QUEST (find treasure) need to change view_quest message when quest begins. general loc is now known. no longer random chance to find treasure, now must look for it.
* refactor: getter and setter functions for animal, caveman, and worldobj locations. make them call generic location getter and setter fucntions.
* success, fail, and encounter wavs for quest messages.
* fixed: friendlies talking to you: if they ask you to talk and you say yes, and you do a talk action, they greet you again after the talk action. didn't set flag to "npc done talking to player" when called the talk action. so after the talk action, it went back to NPC talks to player again.
* increase clip rad of gt moa
* fixed: cant eat w/ 1 crippled arm. EAT was not set to 1 hand action. made a couple other actions 1 hand (like staunch wounds).
* crh hostiles get stuck in / spawn in rocks. uses something_in_way_of_animal for placement. 5 calls to terrain_in_way with +1 on rad - uses collision maps for rocks. uses terrain_in_way2 for movement. one call. uses collision maps for rocks. the +1 rad fix might take care of it. have to wait and see.
* make sure new items like teepees and bedrolls are on treasure tables.
* grunt sfx for npc talk to player dialog messages.
* success and fail wavs for talk to caveman menu
* to do an action, anvil stones can now be nearby or in your inventory.
* only one BM at a time can use a dropped anvil stone to do an action.
* picking up an anvil stone in use stops the user's action.
* tried lessons and advisor
* improved character creation
* improved tutorial
* set bleeding, crippled, etc to false when bring them back to life.
* anvilstone nearby fixed
* butcher time and butcher quality fixed.
* improved getstring
* improved fullscreen menu
* new: stone buttons
* make sure all calls to getstring say "Enter ..."
* add success and fail wavs to run_tutor
* checked: resource depletion by other bands works with the new resource levels by type
* fixed: BM_bestwpn and npc_bestwpn now take crippling vs 1 and 2 handed wpns into account.
* fixed: if missile tries to hit animal, animal sets all nearby friendly animals to "taking fire". even if animal is killed in a single shot, the rest have been alerted.
* fixed: terrain_in_way and terrain_in_way2 sometimes returned CM terrian type, not 1. made someting_in_way_of_animal not work. thats why animals were spawning in rocks.
* put trace on pet wolf AI
* added collsion map check w/ radius to something in way of animals. rocks are still an issue.
* fixed: run_pack_ai didnt check if animal was wild. only wild animals run pack ai. bug made tamed run pack ai sometimes.
* collsion avoidance doesn't look as far ahead, doesn't move as far.
* collision recovery ends sooner
* bandmembers, companions, warriors, and tamed now follow you in and out of caves and caverns, either as owner, or via follow orders.
* fixed: friendly leaders collision avoid cm0 while approaching cm0 to greet.
* fixed: 3pv cam vs NPC huts. adjusted check for crh huts to match that for player huts. added check for crh huts to 1pv vs 3pv code. wrote new routine to check abandoned huts. made it match the code for player huts. added that to 1pv vs 3pv code.
* fixed: 3pv: draw player in hut if doing action. if they are doing an action, it does not check for "don't draw in hut".
* fixed: 1pv skin tex not set when follower joins band
* fixed: 1pv skin tex not set for playtest game
* fixed: reduce radius for fire light and sound.
* fixed: no grass area around tarpit is too big? tarpit too small? its that darn 10 rez on the ground mesh. cant model small curves well. make tarpits bigger. increased rad of tarpit from 15 to 30.
* fix: lakes should be bigger. be sure to resize both graphics AND collision checks! increased rad from 30 to 100.
* implemented A*. still ned to test it, then hook it up to the game.
* spiced veggies: findtime and findchance were not set. was using defaults (1 hour and 1% chance of success). removed spiced veggies from the init lookup functions and into the regular init code.
* learn hafting: now requires flint knife, not cutting tool as part.
* change stoneworking to knapping. require flint, knapping tool, and one hand hammer to learn.
* changed time to make wood arrow from 8 hrs to 30 min.
* add large & small flint point objects. large to make knifes and spears, small to make everything else. 300 stoneworking to make small, 500 to make large. need small to learn hafting. draw lg point as flint knife w/o handle. draw small point as 1/3 size lg point.
* make cutting tool no longer requires knapping skill. make cutting tool now increases knapping skill.
* got 2d map A* working. long setup time. high ram requirements. fast.
* got traditional 2 list A* working. zero setup time. low ram requirements. fast. not fully optimized yet.
* fixed AI vs campfires. flee from campfire has its own vars now. wild animals don't target entities near fires.
* added fight or flight to predator respond to missile fire.
* collision map system now supports collision maps at arbitrary scales. no public API change required! just get_CM_index API used by A*.
* got A* fully working in the game.
* collision checks use high rez collision maps once again.
* added +0.5 x and z offsets for collsion map checks for "pixel perfect" accuracy (rasterization rules).
* "make small flint point" action now repeats as long as you have parts.
* social is zero, but not nuking mood. changed mood reduction from 23 in 10000 chance of 1 every 15 minutes to 1 every 15 minutes.
* make cordage: says no anvil stone on or nearby, when there is. there are 2 stones, one already in use. but use of second stone was stopped by combat. it still may be flagged as in use. added stop_usng_anvilstone if new action==DONOTHING to setaction.
* removed from game: (not realistic)
stone arrow
stone spear
stone javelin
stone atlatl dart
stone fish spear
flint throw rock
* add 1 wood required for flint knife. knife gets wood handle. need model.
already added leather handle requierd. added cordgae, hafting, etc. made new model.
draw 1pv wih doen't use new model yet.
* cook foods: ask how many to make? just make all? make up to 5 at a time? already makes as many as you have parts for. how many would require modding each try_cook(somefood) call.
* pet: check health: left arm hp/dmg: need space after "l arm".
* as friendly leaders migrate and get removed, each new leader come up to player and greets them. should set all nearby friendlies to will_talk=0 when set leader to will_talk=0. now sets all freindlies within 500 feet of player to done talking when leader is done.
* quit to desktop from ingame menu
* fight or flight: should do flight for some period of time, not just until reach edge of fight or flight check range.
* CRH npc asks to trade: should do band trade, not individual trade.
* add band dialog action: ask ally to join village (move next door). checked and done!
* if CRH band is ally and shelter is within 500 of player's shelter, divide migration rate by 10 when changing the map. checked and done!
* villages - ally invite to join - add build hut quest. checked and done!
* allies should not ask you to join village if they have already asked you and you accepted but have not buiilt a hut there yet. checked and done!
* allies should not ask you to join village if you already have a hut near them. checked and done!
* added log object checked and done!
* heavy objects are exempt from container rules checked and done!
* heavy objects need only be nearby to use them checked and done!
* mark and unmark nearby objects as in use checked and done!
* added gather logs action checked and done!
* added wood wall object checked and done!
* added make wood wall action checked and done!
* inspect wood wall action checked and done!
* repair wood wall action checked and done!
* demolish wood wall action checked and done!
* select dead BM, take stuff. checked and done!
* add ability (IE action) to check resoureces in the area, see how low they are. . checked and done!
* new: fish with fishnet action. new object: fishnet. - already done : )
* new: add fishing actions to shoreline/ocean terrain . checked and done!
* new action: play with water. all water terrains. . checked and done!
* watch sunrise action . checked and done!
* watch sunset action . checked and done!
* new action: watch snow fall, like watch clouds.
* chat w/ bm action . checked and done!
* chat w/ npc action. . checked and done!
* catch rain in mouth (drink)
* catch snow in mouth (drink)
* select snow on the ground
* eat snow on ground for water. water goes up, but food goes down a little.
* melt snow with fire to make water
* shoreline: swim in ocean action . checked and done!
* select cave interior wall. checked and done!
* make cave painting. checked and done!
* new: obsidian resource. better than flint.- fisrt and easiest thing you can do is make it so you can find flint (obsidian) at volcanoes. then you can add the obsidian object (like the flint object), and the small obsidian point, and large obsidian point (takes less time, lower chance of success, higher value than flint). and then add obsidian weapons and tools. or just use obsidian to make higher quality flint tools. add obsidian object, only gather ta volcano. add small and large obsidian points. when make stuff with points, give option to use flint or obsidian, if obsidian, increase quality of weapon. or just add obsidian object, and give choice of obsidian or flint when making the point, and it increses the quality of the point, which will ultimately increase the quality of the tool or weapon. thats the easiest way to do it. so add obsidian object which can be gathered near volcanos (say within 300 feet). when make points, give optin to use flint or obsidian. if obsidian, increase quality greatly, or simply have obsidian always be 150 or 200 quality or something. coyuuld just have it display the name obsidian if the quality is high, and obsidian is just a high quality type of flint. that would be even easier. so add "gather obsidian (high quality flint)" to the volacano menu. takes a long time? yields high quality flint. requires one hand hammer stone?. checked and done!
* new object: pitch. a glue used for hafting etc. can use tar or tree (pine) pitch. to harvest pitch, wound the tree, then wait a few days. hmm - how to model that? woods - cut trees for pitch. woods gather pitch. must cut trees for pitch first. marks trees as cut - with a timestamp. when harvest, only
proceed if timestamp is old enough. clear timestamp when they harvest. make pitch use wood resources. make all objects require pitch for crafting. can't use tar yet, just pitch. checked and done!
* add to game: S_MEATVEGGIESTEW. already in there: S_STEW. object #31.
* new object: sundial compass stick. stick it in the ground pointing at the sun, and wait 15 minutes. the shadow points roughly east.
* find sundial compass stick action
* use sundial compass stick action
* researched deadfall traps, fishtraps, and tanning
* changed requirements for making tanned hide.
tanned furs:
1. scrape inside w/ scraper
2. mix brains and water, coat inside(?). soak & stretch to soften. - smoking can hasten process somewhat?
3. smoke to make insect repellent (optional)
tanned leather:
1. remove fur - scrape
2. scrape interior
3. soak in brains and water and stretch to soften - smoking can hasten process somewhat?
3. smoke to make easer to re-soften after getting wet. (optional)
so they are both basically the same, one you scrape off the fur, the other you don't.
so a tanned hide can be with or without fur.
and it requires brains, water, a clay pot, a scraper.
and all items should be made from tanned hides, not hides.
need to add brains object.... ugh could assume they take the brains with the hide... and the weight and value represents the hide and brains as a "package deal". until they make a tanned hide. then the brains are there, ready and waiting. except for buffalo, whose brains are too small to tan their own hide. no need to track eacj part of a butchered critter, just one per type of use. so for tanning you need hides and brains - in equal numbers, and you get hides and brains in equal numbers. so unless you get into trading them, you can just track one, and assume you always have the other to go with it - the "package deal" concept. so a hide is really more like "tanned hide parts".
* all objects now require tanned hide for crafting, not hide.
* removed tanned hide armors. all hide armors are now tanned.
* removed stone and shell armors - unrealistic.
* add funnel fishtrap object - inventory item
* add make funnel fishtrap action
* add set funnel fishtrap action. requires bait and stream, river, or lake. sets timestamp.
* add check funnel fishtrap action. check timestamp, add fish and remove bait
based on elapsed time.
* wood stake fishtrap object
* draw_dropped_obj draws wood stake fishtrap at water level
* make wood stake fishtrap action
* inspect wood stake fishtrap action
* repair wood stake fishtrap action
* abandon wood stake fishtrap action
* bait wood stake fishtrap action
* check wood stake fishtrap for fish action
* maps as treasure on dead hostiles. adds info to player's world map.
* musical bow object
* make musical bow action
* play musical bow action
* added stufflist_wt_carried_in_containers() routine
* added stufflist_container_capacity() routine
* added stufflist_needs_more_waterskins() routine
* added stufflist_can_carry() routine
* added encumberance checks to transfer_items
* added container checks to transfer_items
* added waterskin checks to transfer_items
* added transfer_items to storepit menu
* added transfer_items to travois menu
* added transfer_items to bandmember menu
* added transfer_items to exchange items with companion menu
* added avoid_cliffs() to B2_avian_common_part1 AI. if below and just south of cliffs, flies south and climbs.
* defend friendly questgen:
player hears of friendly w/ quest. player goes to friendly. freindly aks for help killing badguys threatening them. player hangs out, badguys attack. if friendly survives and all badguys dead, player gets reqqrd and end of quest. if frieindly dies, no reward and end of quest. if badguys get away, trigger another badguy attack after a while.
* random_active_npc now handles "all known npcs already active in sim".
* new_npc now returns -1 on error.
* all calls to new_npc now handle -1 errors.
* all calls to set_npc now check for npc_in_sim first
* fixed: add_gift_giver now checks for npc_in_sim already. was just adding the first npc found. used by both gifts and call for aid. get both at once and it tries to add the same npc twice - and BOOM! animation controller collision!
* turned off title screen
* allies ask you to join village: menu() is off by 1.
* fixed: allies give gifts too often?
* fixed: allies ask for help too often ?
* fixed: allies ask you to join village: menu() does yes when you click no and vica versa.
* decreased time for find wild veggies
* increased food boost of wild veggies
* fixed: gather pitch was missing from savanna and jungle menus.
* sleep goes down 10% slower on average.
* reduced frequency of ally gift encounters
* reduced frequency of ally call for aid encounters
* fixed: search dead BM: shows player's inventory, not dead BM's. says "give 10" and "give all", not "get 10" and "get all"
* exit cave: place them a little farther from the entrance.
* can't select cave interior to paint cave painiting!
* collision rad for cave interiors is a little too big.
* don't let them select the sky when inside a cave.
* adjutsed time and chance to find flint.
* fixed: gather pitch: shows fail msg after showing success msg.
* fixed: dont let them start gathering pitch if another BM in the map sq is already gathering pitch. action stops if another BM gathers the pitch first.

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