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First Journal, Project Announced

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Welcome to my journal.

Don't want to spend all day typing instead of working. I've been doing small hobby projects here and there that always seem to fail via burnout and overall lack of motivation. I think I've had 10 different game projects over 10 years now. I'm really pushing to see a project through to the end and starting some form of game company. I've worked at a few game companies, including EA, and I think it is time to really take the reigns of what I want to do, a position I can never have unless I make it myself: Studio Head / Creative Director.

Right now I'm a one man shop. I've picked up my old RTS project that was initially started 2 years ago. I've been crunching about 5 hours a day for the last week or two. It is called ICBM and is an island based RTS game. Battleships, Submarines, Aircraft Carriers, ICBM nukes.

Anyway, here is my first screenshot. Thanks for looking. My plan is to give weekly updates.

Also, my Linkedin if anyone is wondering.


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I see you've been a member of GDNet for a long time, but welcome! I like the journal where we have a front row seat to the developer's journey in making a game. Even better when they succeed, and we've had quite a few of those on GameDev.net over the years. Good luck to you! 

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I honestly, never really read the journals much. I've dabbled a bit in the last month, but before that I literally never read anyone's journals.

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could I recommend SLBM's?  being a nuclear nut I wonder if SLBM's would better suite your project.  It wouldn't be fixed!  maybe a last level?

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