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I was going to hold off until I was done most of the components of my game engine, if you can call it a game engine, but am too excited to wait as it will be another year at least.

The big 5:
-** Just finished geometry grouping and am able to render a world of over 800,000 faces seamlessly. no performance loss, 60 fps. **
- currently working on updating my asset creator. dynamic and able to create roads/paths, walls and buildings.
-** able to simulate over 1500 on screen actors, actors being simulated people. This was really the projects Achilles heel; I am in theory able to go up to 5000 independently simulated people. With more connected severs perhaps more ??? **
- path finding, currently I created an algorithm that allows all actors to move around dynamically placed assets however it is not efficient( shortest distance ). I have ideas to make it more efficient but it is a processing beast. much work to be done.
- allow up to ? 50 ? players to create and register accounts on a server and influence actor movements, currently have code that would allow testing such connectivity.

Well there you have it. most of my efforts are focused on how this game functions not so much how it looks. I figure one could lose themselves in an abyss of endless time if they focus to much on art.



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