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How To Edit 'Craft The World' Game Files

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Craft The World is in interesting hybrid of Gnomoria and Terraria .
The main game files can not be altered ( yet ), however all of the resource files can be accessed and changed.
( IE: creatures, dwarves, behaviors, crafting recipes, textures, sound, animations, items, armor, weapons, money, e.t.c. )

To get into the files, you will need to install 7zip and a text editor .
First locate your Craft The World game directory. Next locate "main.pak" and open it with 7zip.
Now locate the .xml files you wish to edit, and extract them to a folder. ( The ones I use the most are recipes.xml , beastiary.xml , creatures.xml, craft_resources.xml , and resource_bind.xml )
Make a backup of the original files, than edit. Once done, drag-and-drop the edited .xml file into the 7zip window for "main.pak" .

Congratulations! You just modded the game !

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Very cool. I look forward to tinkering with this in the future. :)

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