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What is Lord of Dwarves?

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Lord of Dwarves is my hobby project turned mild obsession.

Lord of Dwarves is a resource gathering and city management game in a fully constructable/destructible 3D voxel world. It has a focus on building building custom 3D structures and defending them against hoards of invading monsters.


Lord of Dwarves started as a hobby project in 2013. I soon found myself working on it way to much to call it a hobby anymore. I've sense been greenlit on steam and have been spending all my free time on it in an effort to get a first alpha release out there.

Lord of Dwarves is a city management game where you task a band of dwarves to gather resources, craft items, and build huge structures. It is set in a fully 3D voxel world and allows for custom construction & destruction of every block in the game.

I started making Lord of Dwarves with a few key features in mind.

Easy & Epic Scale Building

In Lord of Dwarves you can easily click and drag to edit a huge selection of blocks. A few simple clicks and your dwarves will have orders to build a massive structure. Task your dwarves to build anything you imagine!


Monster Sieges

What's the point of building an epic castle if you cannot test it against hoards of rampaging orcs? Lord of Dwarves supports sieges where monsters will test your defences. They bring ladders to climb your walls, tools to breach your floors, and axes to find your dwarves. Archers to the walls!


Full Campaign

I've already completed the first two levels of the campaign which also act as the tutorial. I'm pretty excited about some fresh game play objectives that the campaign will have. For example in the end of the second level you must build a tower out of granite blocks with the following properties:

  • at least 10 blocks high
  • uses at least 130 granite blocks
  • has a ladder to access the roof
  • manned with with at least 4 archers

    Once built and maned a small party of goblins will attack test it's defensive ability!

    Sandbox Mode

    Lord of Dwarves also has an extensively customizable Sandbox Mode which is already 80% done. Control monster levels, resource abundance, terrain topology, and much more. You can even create a 'constructive' mode where there are no monsters and you can focus entirely on building.

    I'm really excited to get Lord of Dwarves out to people, I hope you're excited too!

    Check out my website www.lordofdwarves.com

    Check out my twitter

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