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The Generic Title, Sequal to "I don't have a title"

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Hello again.

I have gotten the FPS template to a point where there are a few different weapons: Semi automatic gun, Fully auto gun, burst fire gun, Energy gun(semi).
The players can: Run, Walk, Jump, Pickup weapons and energy cells.
I also have a "feature" you can take another players weapon (I have since then added a option to disable that), So you can run upto another player and take his weapon and shoot him with it :)

So, It has gotten to the point where I have to decide what to do with it.
Keep improving it, Or putting it aside (for now).

Keep improving it:

  • Don't use RPC's for automatic weapons, Instead have the clients simulate the shooting and leave the host authoritive.
  • Adding AI that does more then: Find closest player ->Run to that spot->Wait->Repeat.
  • Add a inventory.
  • New weapons: Shotgun, Beam weapons

    Putting aside for now:

    • Getting back to work on ToyMission.
    • Just (randomly) throwing stuff together for player testing.

      Decisions, decisions.

      Thats all for now.
      Till next time,

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