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[ICBM] Prototype Video + Project Update

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I'll start with a video first. The video shows a lot of randomness, but it shows the prototyping of some AI and completeness of gameplay AI, sound, particles all starting to come together.

Not everything I have done is in this video. I had a couple bugs with some other things that I decided not to show. That is always something that is hard to figure out: what to show, and how it will be received. How buggy/incomplete can a feature or piece of art be before showing it, even if you are in an early stage. It is always hard to explain to non-developers that "I know everything doesn't look great, but Imagine if that explosion was sweet and that 3D model looked sweet. Everything is halfway complete. Bugs and incompleteness are ok, games take time and iteration." Even my best of friends don't get it and say "yea that sucks, your game sucks." ...no sh**. It's not a game yet :)
Last week I decided to create a tutorial as another way to reach followers. My last 2 weeks I created a new game and company logo. I also setup twitter and facebook accounts and have been posting around some communities I belong to (here, blenderartists, polycount, indieDB) etc. I plan to register my LLC and trademarks this week. A lot of random art and programming cleanup was mainly what happened. I spent some time creating my backlog of work so that I can track my progress and know where I am at.

Right now I have an excel sheet tracking work. My backlog of tasks is about 180 hours worth of work to get to an alpha prototype of the game. You can see below the tasks that I actually finished the last two weeks. I've undertasked myself or brought in tasks that were unplanned for. I'm hoping this week to now get back on track.



Thanks for following.

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