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Something Worth Talking About

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Greetings All,

It's been a good three weeks, and things are finally at a point where I can start talking about them.

First things first:

Revel Immortal

Revel is at an interesting (good interesting) spot right now; we've made all of the changes and porting that we set out to accomplish Jan 1.

This doesn't mean it is 'done' by any stretch, however while still in Alpha it is looking pretty decent; and though we're not planning to popularize it at this point, the new version of Revel should be going live sometime this evening (eastern time).

the 'play now' link for revel on http://edigames.com/ will be updated (it currently points to the old version)

For those following Revel this is a great chance to have a look and send in some feedback.

96 Mill

Those of you who have followed our developments closely, will remember our 2009 title STATIC: Investigator Training.

You could certainly say it stands out among our other games, being an FMV horror adventure.

But there are some noteworthy aspects of StaticIT

  • it was made in three months, design, casting, filming, implementation, testing
  • it was our shortest game
  • the tooling was already developed before the game was started
  • the game was fully designed before development started
  • it has sold the least amount of units of our other games (though its catching up to Malathedra)
  • despite this, it has been our most profitable product
    That last item might be somewhat confusing, but it has everything to do with just how much time an energy goes into a product.

    And while I'm not really all about splitting hairs in terms of revenue and profitability; there comes a point where the development time investment grows to a degree that you're never going to see anything resembling a profit.

    Much like code, the less code the fewer bugs; it doesn't matter how good the code is.

    So that brings us to the next six months.

    We've been planning, since roughly this time last year to do two games, each with three month development schedules; like Static.

    The first of these two games is 96 Mill, a first person horror adventure.

    We have a development cycle spanning July 1 through Oct 1; and I am happy to say, even only two weeks in we're ahead of schedule, with all locations having been photographed.

    Here is a bit more about 96 Mill, but you can expect to hear more about it on our facebook page.

    "HDC (Hamilton Demolition Company) Limited, contracted by the city to deliver a demolition plan of the infamous Edmont Worsted Industrial Complex; former site of the Unified Electric Corporation (UEC), and before it the Edmont Worsted Company, constructed in 1820; with a 1920 brick addition; utterly abandoned in 1996 and decaying for twenty years.

    Strictly off limits to the public for reasons of health and safety, HDC has sent in lead engineer and demolition specialist Frank Galvani; and you (the player) have been tasked to assist him in documenting the structure and rigging it for implosion.

    At around 500,000 square feet, the complex is massive; spanning four floors in the main building, and a 5th floor tower.

    Through its history the site has been plagued by strange, or unexplained happenings, and Disappearances, before its closure alongside the liquidation of UEC in 1986.

    Alleged pollution of the abutting Peter's River, via industrial waste (developer, pcb's etc.); brought an EPA investigation that ultimately sent several UEC executives to prison.

    Disappearances of employees beforehand and during this investigation are alleged to be foul play; but extensive search recovered no bodies; and locals seems to suspect something darker and keep clear of the building.

    In 1996 a small portion of the building was partially destroyed by fire, arson was assumed, but inspection by firefighters of the building proved dangerous and caused the mayor to issue a standing order of 'do-not-enter' for all police and firefighters less life be at stake.

    Despite such orders, and especially due to its dilapidated 'spooky' nature; various paranormal groups and investigators have conducted illegal trespass and collected evidence and personal accounts.

    Such 'evidence' has been non conclusive."

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