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[Icbm] Update 2 - Paradrop And New Particles

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Hours till prototype complete: 177
Hours logged July3 - July 16: 43.5

I finished adding in animated sequences for my particle systems as well as my C130 paradrop functionality / animation. I also finally registered my LLC as well as trademarks. Didn't get a lot of stuff off my backlog list. Touched up some textures and what not. Going to have to get on track, but sometimes you have to spend time to make things look nicer.

Here is a video of the new features.

I'm not sure yet what I want to tackle next. Maybe start refactoring my networking code and get multiplayer to start working a bit. Even thought there isn't much gameplay, it would be nice to start seeing some networking since I do have a lot of stuff working, just not complete.

A note on the particle systems: If you are going to use an animated sequence of 2D images for particles, these are 49 frames. I tried some other particles that only had 16 images in a sequence and they looked bad. Each sprite in my particle sequence is a little more than 256x256.

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Recommended Comments

Good to see you still at it.


A tip with particles, the slowest you can go is half your frame rate so for a game of 60fps you need 30 images, rounded to 32 images for convenience.


The paradrop looks great, what are you using?

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Parachute is hand animated. It doesn't have any physics on the root bones, at least for now.

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