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Devlog #3: Comfy Progress While Sippin Green Tea

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It's time for Towards The Pantheon's 3rd devlog! You can find previous ones at [color=rgb(153,204,255)]http://www.connorlinning.com/ttp[/color].

Click on the above image to see some effects!

I've been working on various scripts for the game. Above you can see a gif of Bam the cat walking around the mines with some basic fog and lighting effects. I will most likely make the fog more pixelated to match the art style in the future, but the main idea is there. You'll also notice he is standing on minecart tracks. If I have time during the game's development I'd love to make a minecart mini game!


Leandro has been hard at work finishing up the basic tiles for each area of the game! Here you can see new tiles for the sewer area and below you can see the insides of the viking houses that the cats live in. This means that we now have basic tiles for every area of the game. We now have a good idea of how the game looks, which allows Leandro to move forward with working on more of the art assets that are needed!


I've also been working on falling snow and mist effects for the snow region. There is still some work to do to make the effects fit better, but below you can see my first bits of progress. I will be continuing work on this during the next week and will post a new gif when progress has been made that looks better. The snow and mist are programmed so that I can increase and decrease the intensity as I see fit which will provide some variety throughout the region.

Click on the image to see the snow and mist effects!

In Towards The Pantheon there are cute hamsters that you can ride to quickly travel between areas called the Speedsters. While exploring the different regions of the game you will come across rare tokens which unlock each Speedsters' service, adding their station to the list of nodes you can travel to and from. This will drastically shorten the time you would have to spend backtracking through parts of the game. I began working on the theme for the Speedsters so check out the soundtrack demo on [color=rgb(153,204,255)]Soundcloud[/color]!

Leandro has also begun working on character portraits that will be used predominately throughout dialog, and I've begun implementing the dialog system. I still have work to do in making the dialog box more appealing to the eye, as well as possibly adding more sub-features such as a typewriter effect, but the basic implementation is working!

Click the image above to see progress on the dialog box!

I've ordered myself some books on both European and Japanese culture and mythology to do further research, as two of the regions of Towards The Pantheon are heavily inspired by these cultures. It's not a coincidence that two of the main characters are named Freyja and Mishima! I've also ordered some more green tea so that I'll be able to drink plenty while working on the game full time starting sometime next month. I've been sipping green tea and listening to Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Golden Sun, and Super Mario soundtracks while working on the game so far and I can't wait to work full time on this! Everything has been coming together quite well and if all goes according to plan I will have the first two chapters of the game complete before the end of the year. I can then send off the demo to my friends who have offered to playtest the game and get feedback while working on the remaining chapters.

I've also made an [color=rgb(153,204,255)]Imgur album[/color] to post progress in so if you frequent that site please follow and show some love.

That's it for this devlog, the next devlog will be posted roughly 2 weeks from now.
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Thanks for reading!

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