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Woa Iv Day 1

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Hello guys! I've starting making my game!

It's called "Snake Undead" and it's a game like the original mobile phone game "Snake" but on the Undead theme. You are a snake made of skulls who has to collect as many skulls as it can and and not to remain without skulls. If you lose all your skulls, you lose the game. You lose them if you stay a long period of time without finding any skulls. It can follow the theme undead. Also it follows the theme evolution as the snake evoluates by collecting skulls and becomes bigger. Tomorrow I'll add graves to follow the theme ruins.

I've made a video where I show the basic mechanics of the game. P.S: (I'll fix the camera movement)
Here is the video:

That's all I could manage to do this day, so yeah, thank you for reading!! :)

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