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Woa Day 1

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I gotta say i'm not going to give away the main story of our game :D , but it's gonna be an FPS-Adventure game and zombies in it.

But about the progress I gotta say todays was a busy day, we made the menus for the game, 2 main terrains and a back up terrain and a lab with a helipad and helicopter. And added some little stuff to the map that you're gonna see in the pics. Also worked out a cinematic that is supposed to be a part of the main character's lost memory. any ways here are the pics: https://imgur.com/a/ctN8p (sorry nothing on these journals work so I had to put oictures on an imgur album)

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It looks pretty good for a jam-game thus far (graphically, at least), I believe!


If I may, be careful about front-loading the development of your art--you run the risk of leaving yourself little time in which to deal with gameplay issues (such as bugs, or responses to feedback).


Why not tell us your game's story? Is it something that's intended to surprise the player during the game?

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well I agree on the time thing, we gotta hurry up. about the story not really surprising but I\I think it's better that the player get's it while playing the game :D

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