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Week Of Awesome Iv: Day One

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Well it's the fourth anual week of awesome and with it (at least for me) comes lots of rushed code and stress.

I have chosen the themes evolution and undead, and incoporated them in a 2D top down game. The gamellay is simple, nothing at all robust, and should be implemented within this week. You play an undead monk that must get his life back through fighting mediaeval enemies. In order to get more powerful you use the blood of your enemies to evolve to a more powerful form, and use your power to defeat increasingly powerful enemies.

I got a basic map rendered with a player that collides with the environment, and sone pseudo shadows.
Note that the tiles used now were made really quick by me for testing the map loader and renderer, and will be replaced with nore pleasant tiles soon.

That's it really, good luck to all, and a load more of it to myself.

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For some reason all of the images appear as broken links for me :S

Just thought I'd point it out...


Best of luck with the game!

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