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Woa: Day 1 (End Of Day)

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This day has been fairly productive. The following is what we were able to complete:


  • Basic AI for zombies (they chase you and spawn!!)
  • Basic WASD movement for the player
  • 20 art assets (UV mapped and rigged, but no textures)
  • 15 particle systems
  • 1 level
  • Light/Shadow code (determines if you are in the shadows or in lit areas)

    To see a video on what has been done, watch the following. Remember to like + subscribe + share your thoughts!

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Recommended Comments

Looks beautiful! Your screenshots feel very ambient, slightly eerie/mysterious, but oddly comforting - like drowning peacefully in a dark but pleasant ocean all aglow.

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Impressive! The art is lovely, and it seems that you've already made a good start! ^_^


If I may ask, is the light/shadow code a third-party tool, or something that you implemented yourself--and if the latter, where did you find the algorithm? While my own entry isn't intended to use anything like that, I've occasionally given some thought to stealth mechanics for other concepts, and I'm somewhat uncertain of the method of determining a character's light-level.

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It was created by me/mester. Mester made the logic i came up with how to do it :P PM me and we can discuss further!

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I might just do that, and thank you! But I'll wait until after the competition, I think--during is perhaps not the best time to take on a new algorithm not related to my entry. ^^;

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