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Day 4 - Updated menu

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The new main menu. There are fancy pictures next to the buttons. This was complicated because my menu system was based on putting items in 200 by 50 cells, to quickly redirect mouse input to the right widget, quickly calculate if attempting to scroll would have any effect, and allow widgets to automatically be placed in an empty cell independent of the size of other stuff. However, the images would be too big to fit into a 200 by 50 cell. I did want to keep the automatic placing, since I didn't want to calculate the exact positions of every widget whenever I add a new stat, but now the code for mouse events, drawing, and scrolling has become a lot more complicated.
Now, the citizen screen shows a image and a name! I hope that by giving citizens names and randomized colors, players will feel bad about letting one citizen die, even when he can immediately be replaced by another with full health. I also followed servants advice to make the eyes a little bit more blue, and lawnjelly's by making the eyes a little bit bigger and a little bit higher up. Either that helped, or I got so used to staring at them so many hours that I don't notice the creepiness anymore.
A blog post is not complete unless it contains a picture of zombies fighting innocent bystanders. I fixed some bugs where it was sometimes possible to do stuff during the night. Now, there can be absolutely no interaction until daybreak. Also, I chanced the obvious: I switch the grass texture out for a darker version at night.

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